How to join a public match at the bitcoin game

If you choose to join a match, you will be a coin among all the coins in a match. You will have to join an online match started by a coin eater. Log into your account and go directly to the game component (1-いち) and click on “join a match” (2-に) to find a match available.

In this component, you can join any online match or search for another available match started by a coin eater. You can also configure your settings to optimize your available match search. If you don’t find a match, that’s means that there isn’t any game match online or your parameters are too selective. When you have choose your match, the first step you must do is to choice and lock a free position. You select it with the selection button.


Select an other free position

Select and lock this position to play

Search an other match available

When your position is locked, you have X minutes to choose your displacement i.e no one can take your locked position during this time. After this time without choosing your displacement, your position will be unlocked and an other player can use it.

Cancel my locked position

Go back (displacement)

Play this match

Select a random displacement

When you have choose your displacement, click on the play button to confirm your match.

After that, you have officialy joined the match. If your are the last to join the match, it will be over right now and you can see it directly after. If you aren’t the last to join the match, you have to wait for all other opponents remaining to join the match. The waiting time depends on the number of free coins remaining, the number of matches and the number of players online.

Note : like the started match, you can see in live the progress of all yours matchs that you joined on your account

When your match is over, you will receive a notification by email and you can see the match you have joined.

Author: Taylor Brown

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