How to play at the bitcoin game

To play at this game, you must first choose between two types of characters: the coin eater or a coin. After this choice, each player has to choose a move for his character on an obstacle map and nobody knows in advance the moves of the other players. Be careful, you must strategically choose the best move that will allow you to win according to your character type. When everyone has chosen their move on the map, the match can begin and you can see if you have won or not. This strategy game is played online against other players. You can earn bitcoin of others players and withdraw it directly to your real wallet. There is no randomness here, only strategic moves.

◽ If you choose to be the coin eater, you must start a match against other players (coins). With this character, you can choose the map, the number of adversaries, their start positions and the initial deposit. Your goal is to catch as many coins as possible on an obstacle map with your chosen displacement. You don’t know how the coins will move. Your earnings depend on the number of coins caught. If you catch no one, you lost the match and your initial deposit. If you catch all coins, you do a strike performance and win all. If you catch at least one coin, it’s minimum a draw match for you and you get back your initial deposit.

◽ If you choose to be a coin, you must join an online match created by a coin eater. With this character, you can’t choose the map, the adversary number and the initial deposit. These parameters have already been chosen by the eater coin. Your goal is to avoid being caught by the coin eater and you don’t know his displacement. Your winnings depend on the number of coins caught by the coin eater. If you don’t get caught, you win in any case but if you get caught, you loose you initial deposit. There isn’t any draw match possible with this character.

Note : for each coin catch by the coin eater, a fraction of bitcoin go to others coins and an other to the coin eater. The gain’s distribution depends on several factors : map and the number of adversaries

Author: Taylor Brown

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