How to start a new match at the bitcoin game

If you choose to start a new match, you will be the one coin eater on the map against coins. You must set up the match. To do it, log in to your account and go directly to the playing component (1-いち) and click on “new match” (2-に) to go to the first step

In this first step, you must choose your map, your initial deposit and the number of adversaries. There are 21 maps available and each has a different settings.

On the right screen, you have the distribution of your winnings according to the number of opponents (coins) on the map. For example, in this match with a initial deposit of 100 SATOSHI = 0.0538¥, the coin eater (you) will earn :
+0 SATOSHI (0BCH = 0¥) if you catch the 1st coin (= draw match)
+0 SATOSHI (0BCH = 0¥) if you catch the 2nd coin (= draw match)
+0 SATOSHI (0BCH = 0¥) if you catch the 3rd coin (= draw match)
+0 SATOSHI (0BCH = 0¥) if you catch the 3rd coin (= draw match)
+0.03¥ if you catch the 4th coin, total gain : 0.03¥
+0.07¥ if you catch the 5th coin, total gain : 0.1¥
+0.39¥ if you catch the 6th coin, total gain : 0.49¥

Select a random game map

Play the max deposit available and/or authorized

Note : you can see the parameters of the map if you click on it as below

In the next step, you must choose the starts positions of all your coins (adversaries) and your displacement.

When you have finished setting up your match, click on the play button to confirm your match to push it online.

Once your match is online, any online player can join your match and you will have to wait for all opponents (pieces) to join your match. The waiting time depends on the number of online players, online matches and the number of pieces (opponents) left to join the match. When your match is finished, i.e. when all your opponents (pieces) have joined your match, you will receive an e-mail notification and you will be able to see your match

Note : you can see in live the progress of all yours matchs on your account

Author: Taylor Brown

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