, an online strategic game made in Japan that can make you win bitcoin for free is a strategic online multiplayer game made in Japan 🇯🇵 like its official in-game currency: the BITCOIN CASH, a completely anonymous digital currency (cryptocurrency) that many consider the future of currencies!

In game, each match is played with Bitcoin Cash! The goal’s game consists of predefining a movement of your principal character on an obstacle map with blocks in order to collect (eat or catch) Bitcoin Cash coins equivalent to fractions of Bitcoin Cash according to the deposit played.

In just a few matches, you can win a lot of Bitcoin Cash… or lose only your initial deposit provided you choose your move wisely and strategically.

Then you can transfer the Bitcoin Cash you’ve won to your Bitcoin Cash wallet. No gambling fees, no taxes to pay, your winnings can be directly transferred to your Bitcoin Cash wallet!

Note: The Bitcoin Cash you transfer to your Bitcoin Cash wallet can be exchanged for real money like us dollar by bank transfer, cash,… via Kraken for trading, Coinbase, Binance, Bitcoin ATM in Euro, pay with VISA/Master Card directly with your bitcoin like crypto. com, nexo, wirex, coinbase card,… or transfer to another cryptocurrency like Monero, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, EOS,… to invest in new altcoin! If you pay directly in bitcoin via a VISA card, no declaration is required since the money does not go through your bank account!

Now, if you start earning large sums of money, it is up to you to take the necessary steps to be in order fiscally.

Game’s explanations

You need to choose your character : BTC eater (corner eater) or a BTC coin (corner).

If you are a bitcoin eater, your goal will be to eat (or rather pick up) as many bitcoin coins as possible with your chosen move. Each time you pick up a coin, you earn a small percentage of the bitcoin you eat. This percentage depends on the map and the number of opponents.

If you are a Bitcoin coin, your goal will be to avoid being eaten (picked up) by the Bitcoin coin eater with your previously chosen move. Each time another Bitcoin coin (not you but your fellow players) is eaten by the Bitcoin coin eater, you will earn a large percentage of bitcoin from the eaten Bitcoin coin.

Once you have chosen your character type, you need to select the map you want to play on, the starting stake and the number of opponents (number of bitcoin cash coins to collect)

Then comes the most important thing: the choice of your character’s movement!

Of course, you don’t know what moves your opponents will choose… otherwise it’s too easy There are many move strategies depending on the type of character, the type of map as well as the number of opponents to increase the probability of winning the game! You have to think carefully and set up movement tactics…

You don’t understand anything? No problem, you can quickly play a dummy (practice) game by clicking below (no registration is required). There’s nothing like a practice game to get the hang of it.

Is it a free and legal game?

After weeks of playing, several researches, recovery of winnings via bitcoin cash on my real wallet, discussions with players of the game on the discord group, etc. I confirm you that the game is 100% legal and free, nothing to pay, no commission or scams on the games (or others). You receive payments on your bitcoin cash wallet, the minimum to make a withdrawal request is 1$.

Where do the bitcoin earned come from? And what is the revenue from the gameplay?

The bitcoin cash earned comes mainly from other opponents who lost their games (logical) but also, according to some sources leaked on the discord group, the company (or group of developers) that runs Munokami. com have a fairly large sum of money in bitcoin (tens of millions of dollars in bitcoin given the current price of bitcoin) following large investments when bitcoin was worth nothing in 2008/2009 (they are big whales) as well as several datacenter (mainly in Russia) specialized in mining, staking and yiel-farming of cryptocurrency (bitcoin, bitcoin cash, zcash, monero,. …) and they inject most of their profits and savings into their projects (including this game) as well as their favorite crypto-currency bitcoin cash (they have bitcoin cash miners, that’s why the game currency is bitcoin cash)… With all these funds, the game is and will remain completely free. Their goal is to give people the opportunity to “play freely” their cryptocurrencies without fees, taxes,…

Note: is not a game of chance nor a casino game, nor a lottery game (like which is a kind of online casino game where chance is guaranteed by the bitcoin blockchain) but rather a game of strategy and reflection (where there is no chance possible!!) with crypto-currency, which makes it a completely legal game in any country

Each time you sign up, you receive the equivalent of 100 SATOSHI and you are entitled to a top-up (every 12 hours) equivalent to 50 SATOSHI if your Bitcoin Cash portfolio is less than 50 SATOSHI.

You can play games with a minimum of the equivalent in BTC of 10 SATOSHI

In short, with zero money and a little strategy, you can earn bitcoin cash on the game that you can transfer directly to your wallet and spend your bitcoin cash to convert it into euros, etc

For example, in ten days of playing at a rate of +-5min/day, you can easily earn the equivalent of a few dollars in bitcoin cash and thus considerably increase your winnings by increasing your bets.

Now, if you want to get serious and win a lot more, you’ll either have to keep playing and betting more and more or you’ll have to top up your account (wallet) with Bitcoin cash.

Please note: as each transfer request is made manually, the minimum amount for requests to withdraw bitcoin cash to your real bitcoin wallet is at least $1. You can test it out, sign up, play games and once you reach $1 in your game wallet, make a request to transfer that money to your bitcoin cash wallet.

Is this game anonymous? What data is saved by the game?

By reading the privacy policy of the game, it guarantees 100% anonymity. To play, you need to register with an email address (to which you have access to the email box) and a password that are both encrypted in the database.

Each time you request to withdraw your real BTC from the game, you must specify a Bitcoin cash address (saved and encrypted in the game database at the time of the request) to receive your bitcoin which will be transferred manually by the game team.

Once the transfer has been completed and confirmed, the address for receiving the BTC is permanently deleted from the database. There is no address history or anything else (only a history of payments received without the receiving addresses).

If you make another request to transfer real BTC from the game to your account, you have to specify a receiving bitcoin address again (it can be the same one).

In conclusion, the game guarantees 100% game anonymity because no other information is stored on their servers… except your encrypted email, password, nickname and possibly your avatar.

⚠ Note: all the above information has been taken mainly from the official website as well as the private discord group, player reviews,… All positive and/or negative reviews of the game are made on a personal basis, there is no partnership (sponsors, sponsorship link,…) with (or other companies) for the writing of these articles. This article was written for informational purposes as many subscribers have asked us for tutorials and in-depth analysis of online games to earn bitcoin. Due to gameplay updates, it is possible that some articles may not be up to date…

Warning: any investment in bitcoin carries a risk. Only risk the amount of capital that can be lost. You will never lose more than the amount you invested. This site is not investment advice.
You must be aware of and have a full understanding of all the risks associated with cryptocurrencies.

We cannot be held responsible for any loss or gain of bitcoin

Author: Taylor Brown

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