Who is GMK, the French and muscular millionaire who drives a Lamborghini ?

GMK is a French influencer (living in Monaco) very well known and much appreciated all over France (and the entire French community). GMK’s real name is Georges Maroun Kikano : he is the heir to a wealthy Monegasque Lebanese family and his family has grown rich in the business linked to the Suez Canal.

GMK’s father was a well-known shipowner in Lebanon. When you know how much shipowners earn, you can easy understand why his family is immensely rich. GMK’s personal fortune is estimated at several tens of millions of dollars (luxury houses, high-end cars, private jets,…)

Audi RS6 of Mister GMK
GMK washing its Ferrari

GMK mainly runs in Lamborghini, Maserati, Mercedes AMG, Ferrari, Bentley, Audi,… of course the most expensive luxury cars and these Youtubes videos are extremely interesting and well produced (for lovers of luxury cars/sports). GMK can be considered as one of the best (and also one of the most appreciated) influencers of the French Youtube in 2019.

You can subscribe directly to his YouTube channel here via this link
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWPOLkftHreB1p8ospsiApw to follow all his videos very well produced!

GMK and supercarblondie (australian youtuber girl)

According to some rumours that circulate on the Internet (Facebook groups, Snapchat and mainly its Youtube channel) : the origin of GMK’s fortune comes from his father who became very rich in Lebanon and who unfortunately died (the reason is unknown)

The GMK family contributed to the construction of the Saint Maron church, which is why GMK lives in Monaco by taking advantage of his father’s legacy with whom he makes real estate investments, trading, etc. to make his capital profitable. According to some sources, GMK’s profession is self-employed as a real estate agent, i.e. he rents his own buildings and houses in Monaco and throughout France. It can be noted that the language of GMK is not familiar to a resident of the Principality of Monaco.

The GMK family took refuge in Monaco during the Lebanese civil war from 1975 to 1990, with family assets weighing in at least tens of millions of euros, they invested everything in real estate and stock market trading. Officially, GMK’s job is a real estate consultant (agent).

What does GMK do for a living? How does GMK’s business work? Is he really that rich to change cars every week?

So certainly GMK is very rich but not immensely rich (not billionaire like his Saudi friend Akram Ojjeh Juinior 😂). It should be noted that GMK is also the boss, i.e. the general manager (and also the main shareholder) of MM Luxury Custom, which is a luxury car maintenance company… and most of the cars in his videos are covered, i.e. the cars do not officially belong to him (on a private basis), they are lent by customers on behalf of his company or acquaintances who lend him luxury cars…. That is why he changes cars every week… moreover he makes this clear in his videos!

GMK and its Bugatti Veyron estimated at 1.5 million dollars

What is the tall and weight of GMK?

GMK is approximately 2m04 tall and weighs almost 115kg. Before he was a skinny and thanks to weight training, he sculpted a very sporty body that can be seen in his Snapchat stories. Unfortunately GMK is still addicted to cigarettes and cigars and smokes one pack of tobacco a day. GMK also has a well-stocked beard and a Norwood IV baldness. GMK wears Truck brand caps. Those who are interested in GMK’s caps, you can order them on his official website from his shop http://www.camorion.com/. Apparently and according to the opinions of some customers, GMK Truck caps are very, very good quality! 100% of customers were very satisfied 👍

Note: GMK takes advantage of this opportunity via its Youtube videos to promote its much sought-after cap brand and receives no benefits… that’s why the quality of the Truck brand caps is well worth the price! Be careful there are very few left in stock…to tell you how much GMK caps are in demand…

GMK and ibraTV (1m88 tall) during a weight training session in Paris

How old is GMK?

GMK was born in 1992 so he is currently 27 years old or rather he is entering his 27th year.

How to contact GMK?

You can contact him via his official youtube channel and you subscribers to see his new videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWPOLkftHreB1p8ospsiApw

or via its official instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gmk001

To follow it, you can add the official GMK snapchat: gmk008

GMK regularly posts Snapchat stories where he shows his daily life: driving beautiful luxury cars, intense weight training sessions, beautiful restaurants and hotels, travelling with his girlfriend’s bomb in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and United Arab Emirates,… In short, all these countries of millionaires, billionaires of the petro-dollar.

Source taken from GMK’s Wikipedia biography and mainly from its Youtubes videos.

Author: Taylor Brown

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